Saturday, 4 June 2011

Final Major Project: Philippine tourism / Promotional illustration / Destination branding

Based on previous research, one of the big problems when promoting Philippine tourism in the UK is the public's lack of awareness as to what the Philippines has to offer in terms of a holiday destination. 

I decided to address this problem using an interesting geographical fact about the country: The Philippines is made up of a total of 7107 islands. A whopping 7107 islands to explore, meaning at least 7107 different adventures to choose from! From scuba diving to bird watching, there's something for everyone :) 
This became my unique selling point, appealing to as many people as possible - adventurers, animal lovers, shoppers, beach bums; the Philippines is for absolutely anyone and everyone.

There's 7107 islands to explore... Which one's for you? :)

Logo design:

I carried on this theme into my poster designs. By promoting individual destinations, the USP is continually carried on throughout the campaign. Visually providing audiences with a wide range of locations and activities; a few of the 7107 different islands to explore and adventures to choose from!








I enjoyed this project so much. An amazing way to end my 3 years at university :) 
Hope you enjoyed looking through my work and I hope you consider the Philippines for your next holiday adventure :D

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