Saturday, 2 July 2011

Sora Feather Fashion !

My goodies finally arrived in the post :D

My chosen colours : Spice 

Freebie feathers! ^.^

Checking to see where to place them...

Clamping the beads with some household pliers (I'd suggest a long nose one to get in a bit easier)

Tadaaaaa :)

Decided to put in the other set of feathers to make them stand out more! So pretty!!

This was my first attempt at using feather extensions and will definitely be buying more again. I love em! Thank you Laine from Sora Feather Fashion!!! Check out her shop to see what lovely colours you can get yourself :)


  1. We've got ours too! Love them! Already in my hair - I've ordered the spicy ones and also got the red ones :)

  2. Hello Ladies *^____^*

    Thank you so much for featuring me on your Blog Pat, that's so sweet of you.
    I am soooooo glad you are happy with them too. They look so lovely in your hair from the pictures BTW ^_^

    ....and you're a fellow Illustrator :3


  3. Aww thanks Laine!! Thank YOU for the lovely feathers :D shall be ordering my next batch very soon :)

    A fellow illustrator too? Wow! Do you have an online portfolio I could check out? Would love to see some of your work :D

    Pat x